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Aug 8 2011

Every Business Needs A Guardian Angel!

Welcome to “The Guardian Scheme” courtesy of Peter Lynn and Partners…

Running a business on a day to day basis is hard enough for any business owner, without the added worry of complex legal issues and potential challenges thrown up by employees.

Larger organisations employing 250 people or more normally have in situ a team of HR experts to deal with day to day employment issues, but SME’s who employ numbers below that figure probably have to consider the alternatives because of the costs associated with employing highly skilled professionals.

Peter Lynn and Partners recognise this problem, hence the introduction of the bespoke “Guardian Scheme” specifically tailored for SME’s employing below 200 people.

The Guardian scheme is quite unique and is designed to make the business stronger and save the business owner money.

It provides an array of business solutions to complex subjects such as recruitment, employment contracts, HR training and claims. Peter Lynn…