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May 21 2012

Hidden Legal Dangers Referred to as “White Collar Crime”

Del Cudd

Del Cudd is a consultant solicitor at Peter Lynn and Partners specialising in civil litigation, licensing, regulatory prosecutions and private client crime. He is based in the firm’s SA1 head office.

He spent many years with Swansea solicitors Douglas Jones Mercer – where he was a partner – before joining Peter Lynn and Partners in 2009 as a Consultant.

We recently met with Del to discuss the pending dangers associated with what many refer to as “White Collar Crime” and what action should be taken in the event of a pending prosecution.

Peter Lynn and Partners are experts in defending such prosecutions, which can unwittingly affect individuals and business owners when they are least expecting. The subject is complicated and the law vast, but common examples include:

•    Motoring Offences
•    Health & Safety issues at work
•    Department of Work & Pensions – employer/employee fraud offences
•    Local Authority Prosecutions for:
o    Trade Descriptions Offences
o    Breach…

May 21 2012

DO NOT do Business Without Terms and Conditions

When starting a business, the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your customers should be the first legal document in place.

We at Peter Lynn & Partners are specialist Commercial Lawyers and we have a wide experience of drafting robust standard Terms and Conditions of Business for each business sector tailor-made to each particular customer.

The following are some of the reasons why these are essential for all businesses:-

1.    Written terms help create certainty as to the agreement
Oral contracts are theoretically enforceable but the main problem with such contracts is evidence and certainty.
Some terms are forgotten…

May 1 2012

Peace of Mind Over Your Most Valuable Asset……


Chris Tymanowski is a solicitor at Peter Lynn and Partners specialising in “Property”. We recently met with Chris to discuss the various services that the firm provides.

Peter Lynn and Partners are experts in dealing with the complexities involved in buying, selling or remortgaging your house or business premises. Unlike some law firms Peter Lynn has qualified solicitors specialising in conveyancing in all its Swansea offices, able to provide professional advice, for what is regarded by many as your most valuable asset.

Chris regards being qualified as an essential part of any conveyancing service. He said: “We work hard at what…