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Jun 21 2012

Dismissing Workers at Will!

The Employment Lawyers Association have warned the government about their proposed so called no fault dismissals from micro businesses.  If you have any concerns regarding the new rules or indeed the current legislation for employees, please contact Head of Employment Stuart Atherton on 01792 450010.

Jun 6 2012

Deposits or Penalty Clauses? Sellers Beware

There can be legal difficulties when trying to claim in excess of 10% deposits particularly with regard to sale of land. Many deposits are regarded by sellers as non-refundable.

However, there are arguments for deeming that these are unlawful penalty clauses. For full advice on contractual matters, please call Peter Lynn on 01792 450010

Jun 1 2012

2012/13 Sponsorship Deal with the Pro12 Champions Ospreys Rugby

Ospreys Sponsorship

After a weekend to remember that saw pre-season membership sales soar towards an all-time high there was further good news for the newly crowned RaboDirect PRO12 champions with the announcement of a new sponsorship deal with one of Swansea’s leading law firms, Peter Lynn and Partners, that will see their company logo displayed on the Ospreys shirt next season.

The deal is a vote of confidence in Ospreys Rugby from a local business that supports the development of local sporting talent.

Peter Lynn, the senior partner at Peter Lynn and Partners said: “I played my youth rugby at the Whites and…