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Feb 26 2013

Inheritance Claims and Charities

The recent highly publicised case involving the Watson family highlights the growing number of claims by disappointed family members who feel charities have been left too much money. In the Watson case the family were fighting the RSPCA and a dogs home for over £125k ! If you need expert legal advice on wills claims contact Neil Jacobi on 01792 450010

Feb 7 2013

Inheritance Tax Implications


New laws are currently being proposed to extend inheritance rules for unmarried partners who have lived together for a certain amount of time.  If you have any issues on inheritance or if you are a disappointed beneficiary or you are worried about your position as a cohabitee, please do not hesitate to contact Del Cudd 01792 450010.


In the absence of a lasting power of attorney more and more deputyships will have to be applied for.  Families ought to give serious consideration to whether or not they should appoint a professional deputy.  If…