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Jun 27 2013

Property – Rights of Way

More and more disgruntled homeowners are finding their properties do not enjoy the rights they thought.

It is vital at purchase to establish these.

Our expert conveyancers have years of experience to ensure all sales and purchases go through smoothly and at reasonable cost.

If you are buying or selling a property get expert advice from Les, Jen,Steph Stevie Mandy or the team on 01792 310731

Jun 19 2013

Company – No shareholder agreeement!

Too many business owners rue too late the absence of planned agreements to take effect in crisis situations.

The result is loss of time, money, even bankruptcy after lengthy dispute!

To avoid these pitfalls and to maximize return on retirement call Peter Lynn on 450010

Jun 17 2013

Divorce – Hidden Assets

We are increasingly finding cases where business people foolishly believe they can hide certain property and business assets to keep them out of financial settlements.

Our expert team have located millions of pounds of such assets resulting in fantastic awards for our divorce clients.

If you need expert advice on financial matters in divorce call Sara Plant or Catrin Stephens on 01792 450010

Jun 7 2013

Massive changes proposed for Legal Aid

Whilst the debate over the proposed changes to the Legal Aid system continue, it is worth pointing out that even now legal aid is not available for many motoring or regulatory offenses.

However, we have an expert team led by Del Cudd to deal with such matters on a fixed fee and also with payment terms, so if you are facing these problems, contact us for an initial consultation.

Jun 3 2013

Record figures at leading city law firm

Peter Lynn and staff celebrate Mumbles 1st Year Anniversary

Leading south Wales law firm Peter Lynn & Partners is celebrating the first anniversary of their Mumbles operation by announcing a successful set of business figures during the last financial year.

PL&P have secured a growing reputation throughout south Wales for offering a range of legal services from its branches in Swansea, Mumbles, Morriston, Pontardawe and Penarth.

And that has been reflected in their financial figures; the firm has dealt with business which has been worth more than £300m to their clients over the last 12 months.

“We are extremely delighted by these impressive annual figures which show fantastic growth in business…