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Nov 29 2013

Property – Mortgage Lending at 5 Year High

It seems that mortgage lending has bounced back to levels not seen since before the financial crises. We are very pleased that our own firm has hit record highs for property sales. If you need advice on any property transaction contact Jen Finch on Swansea 310731.




Nov 25 2013

Actor sues Police

It has been reported that award winning actor Daniel Kalwya has lodged a High Court claim in damages for assault and false imprisonment against the police.

If you consider that you have also been wrongly assaulted or falsely imprisoned or have other issues involving the police, contact Del Cudd on Swansea 450010.


Nov 23 2013

Legal Aid Cuts

Although its pleasing to read of Lord Neuberger confirming that a denial of Legal Aid leads to a denial of justice and is a blot on the rule of law, the fact is that Legal Aid is not available for virtually any claim be it for personal injury, contract losses, company disputes, property disputes and a range of matters that historically were funded.

Fortunately Peter Lynn and Partners operate a range of other funding options, including “no win no fee” agreements. So if you have any litigation matter take advice under our initial free half hour interview scheme and contact…

Nov 21 2013

Professions- partnership and shareholder agreements

It is worrying to hear of the number of professional practices closing down.

Many professionals- legal, accountancy, medical , financial – fail to regulate themselves with formal agreements that can be very useful in critical situations ! For full expert advice on partnership matters call Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.


Nov 17 2013

Care services for the elderly

The recent Daily Telegraph report on cuts to care services for the elderly highlights a persistent problem.

Many councils won’t pay for full needs and far too many people are paying for their own care when it should be funded by the state.

If you are concerned about care fees contact expert lawyer for the elderly Janelle Carter – Jones on 01792 310731




Nov 14 2013

Court of Protection

Apparently the new president of the family division wants greater transparency for the work in the court of protection. Media in court? Regional sittings? TV ? Not sure it is a good idea ! If you know someone who is unable to properly manage their financial affairs or may soon become unable , contact Janelle Carter Jones on 01792 310731 for expert and FREE initial Advice !




Nov 12 2013

TUPE Reforms

The Government has published its response to consultation on TUPE reforms. To a large extent it seems beneficial for employers.  If you have any business concerns over TUPE or are considering transferring your business and you need full expert legal advice on employment issues contact Stuart Atherton on Swansea 450010