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Jan 17 2016

Director’s duties – are you and your company fully complying?

Director’s duties are wide ranging and come with civil and criminal sanctions.

Care skill and diligence are required to a high standard. Is the company complying with its Articles? Is independent judgment being exercised by the directors or are they controlled by others? Has a conflict of interests arisen? Are all decisions made in best interest of all stakeholders? Has any confidentiality been breached?

If you are involved in a company and concerned about director’s duties call the commercial team at Peter Lynn and Partners on 01792 450010 for expert commercial advice.

Jan 8 2016

Clubs and societies warned over taking legal rap for liabilities

Members and officers of clubs and societies are being warned to address the liabilities they may face under law.

Legal firm Peter Lynn and Partners believes that if you run a sports team or a social club you could be opening yourself up to massive financial problems.

The South Wales solicitors firm has sent out a stark and urgent message to all members and officers belonging to clubs and societies.

“If you are heavily involved as a member of a sports club, a youth or social club, or a society you may be facing unlimited liabilities for the actions or omissions of…

Nov 23 2013

Legal Aid Cuts

Although its pleasing to read of Lord Neuberger confirming that a denial of Legal Aid leads to a denial of justice and is a blot on the rule of law, the fact is that Legal Aid is not available for virtually any claim be it for personal injury, contract losses, company disputes, property disputes and a range of matters that historically were funded.

Fortunately Peter Lynn and Partners operate a range of other funding options, including “no win no fee” agreements. So if you have any litigation matter take advice under our initial free half hour interview scheme and contact…