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Jan 6 2017

How To Protect Your Business During A Divorce

Many marriages end in divorce, especially during the new year, and it can be a real concern when one or both spouses own a business.

If you or your spouse own a business or if you started one together, it may be your marriage’s most valuable asset.

Your primary activity should be to identify a legal firm with successful experience of combining divorce with company and commercial law.  The divorce process can be a tricky path to navigate, especially when a business is involved, so enlist the services of a firm that has one eye on the best interests of your business as well as your personal and family life.

A business can be established in many different ways and this will have a direct impact on how the business is dealt with during a marital breakdown.  The business is not exempt from divorce proceedings, even if one partner has nothing to…

Jan 5 2017

Communicating With Children About Divorce

Divorce is often painful and difficult for adults and even more so for children.

For all ages of child, the ability to communicate their own feelings can be extremely challenging especially when their parents are going through their own stressful process of grief and pain.

All Children, will need caring, supportive parents to help them understand, name and navigate their feelings, which can include sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety, fear and guilt among others.

If possible, parents should try to “park” their differences and communicate with their children about the divorce together in a manner that the child can understand.  Repeated reinforcement that…

Jan 2 2017

Divorce After Christmas?

Unfortunately, many marriages end shortly after Christmas.

Whether it’s the pressure of creating the perfect Christmas day, the stresses of the festive season impacting on an already strained relationship or a poor decision made under the influence of alcohol; many marriages come to an end at the start of January.

The first Monday after New Years, referred to by some as ‘D-Day’, see’s a spike in divorce applications so whether you are thinking of leaving your spouse or your other half has told you the marriage is over, the first response is usually an emotional one.

This can range from relief and…

Dec 30 2016


Leading regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners has donated £2,500 to Welsh based children’s hospice Tŷ Hafan.

Tŷ Hafan is one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities and offers care to children and support for their families throughout Wales and has been the charity of choice for the law firm for the last year.

Peter Lynn, Senior Partner at the firm commented “We are proud to raise funds for this worthwhile charity and after visiting the hospital recently, we have seen first hand the great work the team at Tŷ Hafan do for families and children with palliative…

Dec 20 2016

Thinking of an Exit Strategy From Your Business?


Whether you founded the business, worked your way up from the shop floor or joined as a Director, when it comes to an exit strategy, you need a law firm you can trust to obtain the best result for both you and the business.

There are many ways a person can leave a business however there are multiple considerations to ensure the way in which you leave is handled in a manner that doesn’t damage the business and is structured to prevent…

Dec 13 2016

Divorce Involving Significant Assets

Divorces can sometimes be amicable with both parties reaching an understanding on how aspects of the marriage such as homes, child access and assets can be allocated in a quick and agreeable manner.

Many divorces however can turn in to bitter battles; especially when there are significant assets involved which both parties stake a claim to. Add in an allegation of infidelity and the whole process is not just painful and distressing for all concerned, it can be an extremely costly affair.

Where Peter Lynn and Partners offer a true unique skill is our experience of dealing with high value, complex…

Dec 7 2016

Peter Lynn and Partners Advises on £500k Company Sale.

Nia Godsmark, Company & Commercial Solicitor at leading regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners has overseen the sale of a prestigious estate agency in the Midlands.

The firm, which cannot be named due to a confidentiality agreement, is well established and recognised in the sector with over 40 franchised offices nationwide.

Nia Godsmark commented “The owner of 3 franchised offices in the Cotswolds, Midlands and Oxfordshire was considering exit strategies and approached us to orchestrate a sale that benefited all parties concerned”.

The main aim of the deal was to provide a seamless sale that enabled the seller and purchaser to…