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Jul 14 2013

Divorce-Police and Fire service

No doubt due to the particular stresses of their work these professions suffer a higher divorce rate than others. Specialist knowledge of their specific circumstances, assets and pensions is vital for those advising parties involving such workers.

Catrin Stephens has over 20 years of such specialist knowledge and handles cases sensitively and cost effectively.

If you are involved in a divorce or relationship breakdown as or with a police officer or fire officer call Catrin on 01792 450010


Jul 10 2013

HSE /Local Authority prosecutions

HSE /Local Authority prosecutions

Business owners are finding themselves more often than ever in the unfortunate position of having to defend themselves and their companies from such prosecutions.

The fines penalties and costs can be ruinous leading to closure of business and for directors there is the risk of personal fines and imprisonment .

If you are facing such prosecution help is at hand from the experienced expert Del Cudd .Call Del on 01792 450010

Jul 1 2013

Business – Cash is King

It is surprising to learn how few businesses are claiming their proper interest and compensation for late payment of their bills.

An unpaid debt is a bankruptcy waiting to happen. Don’t let it be yours!!

For full debt recovery advice call Rob Davies or Del Cudd

Jun 27 2013

Property – Rights of Way

More and more disgruntled homeowners are finding their properties do not enjoy the rights they thought.

It is vital at purchase to establish these.

Our expert conveyancers have years of experience to ensure all sales and purchases go through smoothly and at reasonable cost.

If you are buying or selling a property get expert advice from Les, Jen,Steph Stevie Mandy or the team on 01792 310731