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Company & Commercial

Led by Senior Partner Peter Lynn, our Corporate and Commercial Team combine extensive legal experience with acute business acumen to create a legal service that has your business interests at heart.

From planning and contracts to sales, licensing and litigation, we offer an extensive portfolio of services that are geared around the individual need of your business.

To find out how we can help your business, contact our office today to arrange a meeting with one of the team.

  • Business Planning

    Developing a structured plan for your business is vital in order to achieve your objectives. Our team is experienced and skilled in many aspects of business planning and can help you with the following:

    • Business Plans
    • Business Restructuring
    • Exit Strategies
    • Change Management
    • Pre-exit Planning for Tax Efficiency
    • Crisis Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Company Structures
    • Succession Planning
  • T&Cs, Contracts and Agreements

    Preventing legal problems is at the heart of everything we do and whether you need us to develop contracts for you or evaluate agreements you have been asked to sign, our team can help with the following:

    • Terms & Conditions of Business
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Contract Drafting
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Lease Agreements
    • Finance Agreem
  • Sales & Acquisitions

    Whether you are buying or selling, having the right legal team behind you is essential to ensure you get a fair price at the right terms. Our team can help you with the following:

    • Business Valuations
    • Buying & Selling Businesses
    • Target Acquisitions
    • Franchising
    • Management Buy Outs / Buy Ins
    • Acquisition of Shares & Assets
    • Asset & Share Sales
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Licensing

    Operating within the Hospitality and Entertainment sector can be challenging. Our licensing team is experienced at dealing with Local Authorities and other bodies to offer the following services:

    • Entertainment Licensing
    • Liquor Licensing
    • New Applications
    • Variations to Existing Licenses
  • Disputes & Litigation

    Businesses and business people can sometimes find themselves in difficult legal situations. Whether you need to initiate proceedings or require representation from a legal challenge, our team will be on hand. Our services include:

    • Debt Recovery
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Professional Negligence
    • Trading Standards Prosecutions
    • Partnership & Shareholder Disputes
    • Director Disputes
    • Company Insolvency
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Disputes Against Or For Solicitors, IFAs, Surveyors, Accountants and Consultants
    • Financial Disputes
    • Liquor Licensing Disputes
    • Noise Abatement Disputes
  • Regulatory Advice or Prosecution

    On occasion,some businesses may find themselves in a difficult legal situation with a regulatory body or simply need advice regarding regulatory matters.

    Our experienced team can help with matters relating to the following:

    • Local Authority
    • Health & Safety Executive
    • Companies House
    • HMRC
    • Police
    • Environment Agency

HR & Employment

Led by Partner Stuart Atherton, our HR & Employment Team can help all businesses of all sizes with their responsibilities as employers.

We provide practical support to deal with a variety of workplace problems in a proactive and reactive way that can often resolve issues quickly to avoid the need for costly legal action.

We offer an array of business solutions to complex subjects such as recruitment, employment contracts, HR training and claims.

Peter Lynn and Partners is one of the few accredited ‘Lawyers For Your Business’ solicitors operating in South West Wales.

  • Contracts & Agreements

    From drawing up contracts to advising on the best practices and policymaking to ensure compliance with statutory obligations. Our services include:

    • Consultancy Agreements
    • Compulsory Redundancies
    • Voluntary Redundancies
    • TUPE Transfers
    • Union Agreements
  • Employment Law

    Our experienced team is well placed to offer advice to Owner Managers, Team Leaders, Directors and HR Teams for a number of employment law matters including:

    • Working Time Directive
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Pregnancy Related Issues
    • National Minimum Wage
    • Employment Disputes
    • Employment Contracts
    • Health & Safety
  • Disputes & Litigation

    We have the resources to represent cases of all sizes from large corporate companies to smaller businesses and individual employee cases. Our services include:

    • Unfair Dismissal
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Professional Negligence
    • Regulatory Prosecution
    • Health & Safety Cases
    • Compensation Claims for Personal Injury
    • Mediation
    • Private Client Crime (e.g. Speeding Fines, Drink Driving, etc.)
    • Non-Legal Aid
    • Union Disputes
    • Employment Tribunal Representation

Guardian Scheme

Guardian Scheme

  • Comprehensive HR Advice
  • Supply Of A Reference Manual Which Is Kept Fully Updated
  • Monthly Meetings Either By Telephone Or Face To Face
  • On-Line Telephone Support On All Employment Issues
  • Guidance As And When It Is Required
  • Clarification When Needed To Prevent Problems Arising
  • Regular Update Of Relevant Employment Law Legislation
  • Contracts Of Employment, Updated And Reviewed At Least Annually
  • Indemnity Covering Tribunal Representation Costs And Awards (Subject To Criteria)
  • People Planning Covering Recruitment, Interview Process And Selection
  • Guidance On Maintaining Accurate Employee Records
  • Induction Manuals, Ensuring All Relevant Aspects Are Covered
  • In-House Training Seminars

To meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace we have designed a bespoke human resources support plan – The Guardian Scheme.

The scheme addresses both the legal and human resource requirements of your business as well as health and safety advice as an affordable optional extra.

By addressing both functions, we can protect and support our clients while maximising the potential of their greatest asset - their people; and allowing them to concentrate on doing what they do best - running their business.

Client Needs

  • Personality Profiling
  • Employee Payroll Services
  • Reward Management
  • Internal Communications / Dissemination
  • Satisfaction Surveys And Action Plans
  • Wellbeing Planning
  • Health And Safety Audits, Including Risk Assessments
  • Disaster Planning
  • Extra In-House Training Requirements Identified And Delivered
  • Pensions Advice

We understand that every client has their own unique set of needs and not all businesses have the time, expertise or resources to meet those needs.

To enable us to really understand our client’s human resource function we offer a complimentary Legal and Human Resource Audit, thus allowing us to tailor our programme to meet our client’s individual needs.

Should you be interested in a complimentary audit please contact us and together we can determine if your business will benefit from inclusion in the Guardian Business Support Plan.

This assessment will then be followed by a summarising report outlining any improvements and recommendations together with appropriate costing for inclusion into the programme.


Commercial Property & Land

Headed by Partner Chris Tymanowksi, our Commercial Property and Land Team are experienced lawyers who have an in-depth understanding of the ever changing property market place.

We work with businesses in the public, private and third sectors to understand their objectives and work proactively to achieve those objectives in a cost effective manner.

From investors, developer, SME's, retailers, banks, pension funds, housing associations, manufacturers plus many more, we work with a diverse range of clients to offer a individually tailored property service that works

  • Finance & Development

    Whether you are looking to finance or re-finance your existing property, purchase or sell, access funding to undertake a new development or re-develop an existing property, our team can help. Services include:

    • Regeneration
    • Site Assembly
    • Secured Lending and mezzanine finance
    • Commercial & Residential development
    • SIPP's & SSAS's
    • Bridging finance and private equity investment
    • Development agreement, infrastructure agreements and collateral warranties
  • Agreements

    Working with Developers, Bank's, Landlords and Tenants, sole-traders, SME and MSB's (Mid Sized Business), we are well positioned to evaluate existing structures as well as new structures for growth and succession. Our services include:

    • Sale and purchase agreements
    • Options and conditional contracts
    • Commercial Leases
    • Ancillary Landlord & Tenant matters

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

Headed by Neil Jacobi and Nia Godsmark, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in farming and land management.

In an industry that is as strictly regulated as Agriculture, we will help you find a solution to your legal situation.

Whether you are a farmer, large estate owner, institutional landowner, tenant, trust holder or anyone else in need of legal advice, our team is here to help

  • Business Planning & Legislation

    Rural businesses require the same kind of legal advice as those operating in other industries but with proper regard for legislation and regulations, which are of particular relevance to the rural community. We can help with the following:

    • Wills, Succession, Trusts And Estate Planning
    • Employment Matters
    • Agri-Environmental Schemes
    • Environmental Issues
    • Public And Private Rights Of Way
    • Access To Land
    • Common Land Management
    • Mineral Extraction
    • Renewable Energy
    • Act For Landowners And Companies
  • Purchases, Sales & Agreements

    Farming is a broad industry and we understand the need for expert knowledge when it comes to the transfer of rural assets. Our service in this area include:

    • Purchase And Sale Of Land
    • Property Transactions
    • Agricultural Tenancies
  • Disputes & Litigation

    Should you find yourself in a difficult legal situation, our team will be on hand to offer their extensive knowledge and understanding of the rural marketplace to help you achieve your objective. Our services include:

    • Property Disputes [Building Disputes, Boundary Disputes, Tenancy Disputes, Adverse Possession, Trespass]
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Debt Recovery
    • Farming Partnership Disputes
    • Wills & Trusts Disputes
    • Disputes With Companies Accessing Farm Land (Wind Farms Pipelines, Etc.)
    • Disputes With Farm Business Tenancies
    • Claims For Bad Husbandry
    • Change Of Use For Farmers
    • Commercial Lease Disputes
    • Charity Proceedings / Disputes


The Sports Law team at Peter Lynn and Partners are as focused on performance and delivering successful results as our sport clients are about winning.

The issues involved in Sports Law are complex, varied, and can change fast. In this legal sector there are many areas that need specialist advice as a commercial requirement, including issues from serious injuries to contractual negotiations.

When you need expert advice from a professional legal team, Peter Lynn and Partners will be on hand to ensure the right decisions are made about the next steps in your legal case.

Our team have a wealth of experience in the sector and have a track record of getting successful results for big sporting names.

We advise on complex and high profile legal issues for an impressive client list, including numerous sportsmen and women, football players, rugby players, managers and clubs.

Professional sports people and clubs stake their livelihoods and reputations on being able to compete, perform and ultimately win. Our professional team of lawyers understand this mentality and as a result, we have built and continue to grow a reputation for delivering excellent results for sports clubs and individuals from both the professional and amateur sporting world.

  • Contracts & Agreements

    Arguably one of the most important yet intricate aspects of professional sport. Our team will be on hand to ensure our clients agree terms that are beneficial to them. Our services include:

    • Indemnity Contracts
    • Player Transfers
    • Club Representation On Transfers
    • Governing Body Law (FIFA, IRB, Etc.)
    • Employment Law
    • Player Contracts
    • Player Release Clauses
    • Media Agreements
    • Merchandising Agreements
    • Commercial Contracts
    • Image Rights Contracts
    • Incorporation Of Clubs & Associations
    • Brand Usage Rights
    • Club Expansion And Development
  • Disputes & Litigation

    Whether you are an agent, a player, a club or governing body, when you need specialist legal advice, we are the firm to contact. Our services include:

    • Agent Disputes
    • Player Disputes
    • Club Disputes
    • Mediation
    • Tribunal Advice
    • Suspensions & Fines
    • Player Representation
    • Club Representation
    • Contract Disputes

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Since then it has expanded, opening offices in Swansea City Centre, Pontardawe, Penarth as well as Morriston.