At Peter Lynn & Partners, we help businesses of all sizes, and individuals in need of legal employment advice. Our team provides practical support to deal with a variety of workplace problems in a proactive and reactive way that can often resolve issues quickly to avoid the need for costly legal action.

We offer an array of business solutions to complex subjects such as recruitment, employment contracts, HR training and claims.

Peter Lynn & Partners is one of the few accredited �Lawyers for Your Business� solicitors operating in South West Wales.

We provide all of these services on a monthly retainer basis, which spreads the cost of a highly professional HR function in a manageable way.

The Peter Lynn and Partners team can provide professional advice in the following areas:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Working time directive
  • Disability discrimination
  • Sex discrimination
  • Pregnancy related issues
  • National minimum wage
  • Comprehensive HR advice

We also advise larger organisations in all aspects of commercial & employment law including:

  • Contracts
  • Partnership/ shareholders agreements
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Leases

Peter Lynn & Partners has the resources to represent cases of all sizes from large corporate companies to smaller businesses and individual employee cases. With each case we offer the same personal and professional approach that is popular with all our clients.

Our client list includes local firms and international names that rely on our advice and legal services that range from over the phone support to full legal back up.

Our team deals with a wide range of issues for businesses from drawing up contracts to advising on the best practices and policymaking to ensure compliance with statutory obligations. All of these services are dealt with in a quick efficient and cost effective manner by the Peter Lynn and Partners team.

Stuart Atherton at Peter Lynn and Partners says, �We offer business protection including risk assessment, disaster planning and essential �litigation awareness�, which can help avoid costly legal cases.

�Our expertise goes beyond the traditional legal boundaries and so we offer a complete troubleshooting service to all businesses. We also offer mediation and dispute resolution.�

Please note that as of 29th July 2013, there have been a number of changes in the Employment Tribunal process. The most notable is the introduction of issue and administration fees to enable claims to be brought and defended in the Employment Tribunal. The fees, which are payable at the outset of the claim and are also payable during the proceedings themselves, bringing the Employment Tribunal regime roughly into line with that of the County Court and High Court.

A fee exemption system is in place to assist Claimant with access to lesser means to still be able to issue claims in the Employment Tribunal without paying a fees or a reduced fee.

Please contact us to discuss these Employment Tribunal changes in more detail and we can answer any queries you may have on this matter.

If you need legal assistance in any of the above areas, do not hesitate to contact Peter Lynn and Partners for professional legal advice.

Contact Stuart Atherton:

Peter Lynn & Partners
Langdon Road
Tel: 01792 450010
Email: [email protected]
** We do not accept service of documentation by e-mail.

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Peter Lynn & Partners was established in 1999 to offer top quality commercial and civil advice to businesses and people in Swansea.
Since then it has expanded, opening offices in Swansea City Centre, Pontardawe, Penarth as well as Morriston.