Our People

Qualifying from Cardiff in 2002, Ian Walker joined Peter Lynn & Partners in 2014 after crafting his skill and expertise from previous positions at Hutchinson Thomas-Neath and fellow Swansea legal practice Smith Llewelyn Partnership.

Ian specialises in non-contentious probate and conveyancing which he practises with a devout passion to both results and customer care. Furthermore, Ian is also accredited by Solicitors for the Elderly; an independent national organisation that upholds the values of transparency, understanding and empathy with legal issues specific to elderly clientele.

Ian strongly believes that a 'stiff upper lip' approach is symptomatic of law from a bygone era and that care and sensitivity is essential when handling clients during difficult and stressful legal proceedings such as divorce, employment problems, property and bereavement. In 2014, Ian founded Legal Management Training, a company which provides progressive, accredited training for lawyers, solicitors, partners and support staff. His company aims to enhance community and customer service offered by legal services with a philosophy that places, networking, collaboration and customer care at its focal point.

When not in the office, Ian can be found with his wife and two children poking around castles and stately homes or rambling around the Welsh coastline. Reluctant to come inside, Ian is an avid golf-man and can be seen on the green in Pennard practising his swing.

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