September 15, 2011

Cappuccino Girls – When Peter Lynn Met Peter Lynn

Written by Peter Lynn

Actor Dean Verbeck, who plays the well respected lawyer Peter Lynn in Mal Pope’s Cappuccino Girls, came face to face with the real Peter Lynn and presented him with a signed script from the Mal & the Cast at The Revue rehearsal studios, Wind Street, Swansea
Mal Pope’s unique production Cappuccino Girls opens from Thursday, September 22, until Christmas Eve in The South Wales Evening Post Theatre at High Streets newly constructed £25 million Urban Village.
The show which was created by Mal and piloted in Manchester in 2009 where it received 5 star reviews is based on a fictional theme borne out of a group of ladies meeting every morning at a small Mumbles Coffee Shop.
Mal said “This was their time, kids in school, husbands at work, just the girls”; and when the barista whispered a reference to a colleague regarding “The Cappuccino Girls”, Mal was inspired!
The rest is history as they say, but Mal’s connections with local people have been embedded into the story line. From editors of magazines to lawyers and the cappuccino girls themselves, Mal has based his characters on people he knows.
In the case of the show’s well respected lawyer he turned to an old friend by the name of Peter Lynn. Peter, in the real world runs a very successful Law Firm based at SA1’s J- Shed, Swansea.
Peter said, “When Mal approached me and discussed the opportunity, I was delighted to get involved. Mal is an old friend and a wonderful ambassador for this city with his contribution to the arts. I agreed to get involved as an associate sponsor because Mal’s work is so important to the arts in Swansea and this project in particular will help regenerate High street. It’s an area of town which desperately needs a boost to its image within the city.
“I’m really excited about the project and I can’t wait for the launch on the 22nd. I’m sure Dean Verbeck will portray a glowing image of my character!”
Cappuccino Girls launches in Swansea later this month. For more information go to