December 8, 2023

Christmas Greetings… But Beware the Legal Pitfalls!

Written by Nia Godsmark

With the festive season upon us, it’s a time of year that can sometimes result in at best, an embarrassing apology but at worst, a legal case in the New Year.

Without sounding too “bah-humbug”, we would like to draw your attention to some of the more common problems we are asked to help with along with some pieces of advice to help you prevent legal problems:


Don’t be tempted to drive, work or email under the influence of alcohol and if provoked into a confrontational situation, remember, it’s best to simply walk away.


In or outside the workplace, these are still classed as work-time activities. 

Behaviour before, during and after the party may not appear so funny in the cold light of a courtroom or employment tribunal.


Funny pictures, abusive messages, rude gestures… what goes online stays on your work record.

So, if you are an employer or employee that requires expert legal advice to deal with and employment law matter in the new year, contact the team at Peter Lynn and Partners on:

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