October 23, 2015

City Solicitor delighted to be associated with Cappuccino Girls again

Written by Peter Lynn
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As part of the inspiration for one of the characters in Cappuccino Girls leading south Wales lawyer Peter Lynn is only too delighted to be involved with Mal Pope’s award-winning show again.
The lawyer in Cappuccino Girls is based on Peter – a wise, generous and fully trusted lawyer. Truly life imitating art!
Cappuccino Girls is being performed at Coast Italia on Swansea’s High Street on October 24th and 25th with many more shows in the pipeline.
Peter and his wife Sara (also a partner at Peter Lynn & Partners), are active supporters of the arts in South Wales and are sponsoring these latest shows at Coast Italia.
Peter and Sara have become more active in the theatre world in recent years and their teenage son Harry is an aspiring actor, having appeared on TV and in many theatre productions.
Peter and Sara are very proud of what Harry has achieved so far and are determined to continue their support of the arts in south Wales.
Peter, who is also sport-mad as well as a theatre enthusiast, has helped sponsor the recent production of Legally Blonde at Swansea Grand Theatre and currently is sponsor of the Sleeping Beauty, which is being performed at the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen this Christmas as well as a number of small theatre groups across South Wales.
Mal’s connections with local people like Peter have been embedded into the story line. From editors of magazines to doctors and the cappuccino girls themselves, Mal has based his characters on people he knows.
And that was the case with the show’s well-respected lawyer.
“I was delighted to help Mal’s production first time around so I’m doubly delighted that he is doing Cappuccino Girls by popular demand,” said Peter.
“Mal is a very old friend and a wonderful ambassador for this city with his huge contribution to the arts. I agreed to get involved as a sponsor because Mal’s work is of the highest quality and is so important to the arts in Swansea.  I’m glad he’s brought it back to the High Street. It’s an area of town which is improving but desperately needs a boost to reflect the overall growth and vibrancy of the city in recent years – it is also a cracking show!”
Added Peter: “I was as delighted as Mal when the show won Cymru Arts and Business awards two years on the run. Here’s hoping it can win some more awards.”