October 12, 2016


Written by Peter Lynn

At some point, all businesses may find they have a dispute or find themselves in a dispute situation.  Whether it is a simple debt claim or a substantial contractual dispute, you should seek legal advice.
In many instances, it may be possible to resolve the issue away from the courts through mediation where a trained mediator will work with both parties to try and obtain a fair result based on your situation.
Whilst this is a preferred option for many (especially those who do not want the detail of the situation to become public knowledge), there are time when mediation does not work and the decision must be made in court.
Should you find yourself in this situation, either as the instigator of legal proceedings or on the defending side, it is essential that you seek the services of an experienced litigator.
As litigation cases are wide ranging from insurance claims, banking disputes and local authority claims to contractual disputes, rights of way and property matters, knowing you have the right team in your corner is essential.
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