August 8, 2011

Every Business Needs A Guardian Angel!

Written by Stuart Atherton

Welcome to “The Guardian Scheme” courtesy of Peter Lynn and Partners…
Running a business on a day to day basis is hard enough for any business owner, without the added worry of complex legal issues and potential challenges thrown up by employees.
Larger organisations employing 250 people or more normally have in situ a team of HR experts to deal with day to day employment issues, but SME’s who employ numbers below that figure probably have to consider the alternatives because of the costs associated with employing highly skilled professionals.
Peter Lynn and Partners recognise this problem, hence the introduction of the bespoke “Guardian Scheme” specifically tailored for SME’s employing below 200 people.
The Guardian scheme is quite unique and is designed to make the business stronger and save the business owner money.
It provides an array of business solutions to complex subjects such as recruitment, employment contracts, HR training and claims. Peter Lynn is one of the few accredited ‘Lawyers for Your Business’ solicitors operating in South West Wales and The Guardian Scheme in particular is underwritten by Insurance to offset the risk of potential claims. At its highest level it offers full protection from any Employment Claim.
Peter Lynn & Partners offer a ‘cradle to grave’ approach that is essential for business start ups and allows SME’s to subscribe on a monthly retainer basis. The scheme is reviewed with each client after 12 months. HR training is a key component part of the scheme and is delivered by Partner, Stuart Atherton.
We asked Stuart why this scheme was so important to SME’s and why they should consider such a commitment? Stuart said “There’s a long history of cases where lawyers have defended a business because of poor decision making at middle and junior management level. The Guardian scheme tackles this exposure head on by delivering the correct level of training and consultation throughout the organisation.
“Employee risk assessments are put in place and this re-assures potential lenders that the risks associated with any potential claims are kept to a minimum. The other consideration is the pace with which employment law changes; hence the scheme is designed to cover up to date case law and legal developments. Sensible business planning embracing this scheme is in our opinion a must for all SME’s”.
Outside of The Guardian Scheme Peter Lynn and Partners also advise larger organisations in relation to all aspects of Commercial Law including:

  • Business solutions
  • Partnership/ shareholders agreements
  • Terms and conditions of business/ agreements
  • Leases

Stuart says “We are also able to offer business protection including risk assessment, disaster planning and essential ‘litigation awareness’, which can help avoid costly legal cases.
“Our expertise goes beyond the traditional legal boundaries and so we offer a complete troubleshooting service to turn around ailing businesses. We recover assets and reschedule debts as well as offering mediation and dispute resolution.
“All this is delivered in a personal approach backed by a vast experience of helping firms along the M4 corridor”.
For more information on Peter Lynn & Partners or any of the points covered in this article contact Peter Lynn & Partners Head office.