February 23, 2017


Written by Stuart Atherton

To meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace we have designed a bespoke Human Resources support plan – The Guardian Scheme.
The scheme addresses both the legal and human resource requirements of your businesses as well as health and safety advice as an affordable optional extra.
By addressing both functions we can protect and support our clients while maximising the potential of their greatest asset – their people; and allowing them to concentrate on doing what they do best – running their business.
Guardian Scheme Benefits

  • Comprehensive HR advice
  • Monthly meetings either by telephone or face to face
  • On-line telephone support on all employment issues
  • Guidance as and when it is required
  • Clarification when needed to prevent problems arising
  • Regular update of relevant employment law legislation
  • Contracts of employment, updated and reviewed at least annually
  • Indemnity covering tribunal representation costs and awards (subject to criteria)
  • People planning covering recruitment, interview process and selection
  • Guidance on maintaining accurate employee records
  • Induction manuals, ensuring all relevant aspects are covered
  • In-house training seminars
  • Supply of reference manual that is kept fully updated

We understand that every client has their own unique set of needs and not all businesses have the time, expertise or resources to meet those needs.
To enable us to really understand our client’s human resource function we offer a complimentary Legal and Human Resource Audit, thus allowing us to tailor our programme to meet our client’s individual needs.
Should you be interested in a complimentary audit please contact us and together we can determine if your business will benefit from inclusion in the Guardian Business Support Plan.
This assessment will then be followed by a summarising report outlining any improvements and recommendations together with appropriate costing for inclusion into the programme.
To discuss the Guardian Scheme, please contact 01792 450010 or email [email protected]