February 2, 2017

Guardian Scheme – Don’t Wait For An Employment Tribunal To Align Your Business With A Legal Specialist.

Written by Stuart Atherton

Any business employing staff will have someone responsible for HR.
This could be the owner if it is a small business or a HR team if it is a larger company.
Whilst the vast majority of companies seek to operate in line with UK Employment Law, for those who do not have a legal partner in place, the first time they become aware of any legal shortcomings is when they engage a legal practice to represent them in an employment tribunal.
Employment contracts, staff hand books and other documentation is in place for many businesses however it is not always kept up to date or in line with changes to employment law rulings, nor is it checked to ensure it is legally sound.
Human Resource personnel, be it an Officer, Manager, Director or Consultant may be CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) qualified but that does not mean they are legally competent to draft contracts or agreements.
Law firms with solicitors experienced in Employment Law, Employment Tribunals and Employment Contracts may be perceived to be too expensive for average sized companies to engage on a regular basis.
To combat this, Peter Lynn and Partners have developed the ‘Guardian Scheme’.
Developed for all sizes of business across all sectors, the scheme allows its members to have ongoing access to Employment Law experts at the firm who will work with you to protect your company.
By reviewing existing contracts, agreements and handbooks with a keen legal eye, the team will redraft any documents that may potentially cause a legal problem and will support your HR function with any queries they may have.
The scheme not only enables you to have up to date, well-drafted documentation and a legal partner at the end of the phone to answer any questions you have but if an employment matter does end up in court, the Peter Lynn and Partners Employment Law team will be there to represent your business.
The Guardian Scheme is available from £150 per month (depending on the size of your business) and for a comparatively small amount, it could save you many thousands of pounds in legal and settlement fees.
To discuss the Guardian Scheme, contact us to arrange a free HR review by calling 01792 450010 or emailing [email protected]