September 27, 2011

Hot Topics – W/C Sept 26 2011

Written by Del Cudd

1. Employment – There are many unfair dismissal actions arising out of confusion over new retirement age provisions; we are in a transitional period. Employers don’t get it wrong; it could cost you £1,000’s! Contact Stuart Atherton Head of Employment. Employers get protected, ask about our Guardian Scheme
2. Sewers and Drains – The transfer of ownership of Sewers & Drains is taking place under new rules and time is running out to object. Any concerns contact Del Cudd Property Law Specialist
3. Accidents – Had an accident because of spillages onto the highway? Recent case determined that the Council was liable. Any accident matters contact Richard Howe Head of Personal Injury
4. Paternity Leave – New rules for additional Paternity Leave. These rules are very complex. Employers and Employees should both take heed. Contact Stuart Atherton and discuss The Guardian Scheme and how it protects Employers
5. Bribery Act – The new Bribery Act has claimed its first victim! A clerk in Bristol was recently the first to be prosecuted. For advice on this subject, particularly if you are a Company Director, phone Peter Lynn, Head of Commercial
6. Company Directors – Many long standing Company Directors are not aware of their duties until it is too late and a liquidator or HMRC or the DTI scrutinise their behaviour. It could cost you thousands of pounds or even a criminal record! Call Peter Lynn
7. Director Duties – We can provide 30 minute lectures or written advice forms documenting basic Director Responsibilities and a general overview for very little cost to your Company. Directors should be aware that statutory rules surrounding Companies carry criminal sanctions. Call Peter Lynn, Head of Commercial to discuss.