March 21, 2017

Peter Lynn and Partners Supports Skin Care Cymru Campaign

Written by Peter Lynn

Leading regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners are proud to support Skin Care Cymru (SCC) in their innovative campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer and the impact the sun has on people’s bodies no matter what the weather.
The campaign, which sees the dragon on the national flag of Wales replaced with a lobster, has been seen across the nation since its launch on March 1st however the link with SCC and the South Wales law firm is a lot more than a simple financial donation.
Conveyancing specialist Mayda Thomas is a Trustee of the charity that was set up some 10 years ago to give a voice to the people of Wales who are suffering from skin problems.
Mayda commented “My husband was the one who set up Skin Care Cymru and I have been an active volunteer ever since. When we discussed the lobster campaign with Peter Lynn, he loved the idea and wanted to support it”.
The St David’s day launch earlier this month saw many iconic locations across the country swap the traditional flag for the lobster one and the WRU flew the flag at the recent home games of the 6 Nations.  Mayda continued “ The campaign is geared around reminding the people of Wales to protect their skin from the sun. Even in a country known more for drizzling rain than dazzling sunshine, it’s easy to forget to take care of your skin”
With skin cancer as the 5th most common cancer, the campaign will see posters at local beaches and other locations as well as seaside events to spread awareness of skin cancer and to remind people to avoid getting sunburnt and to protect themselves.
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