June 27, 2019

Primary School Buzzing Over Entrepreneurship Support

Written by Peter Lynn

Swansea based Morriston Primary School are looking forward to launching a new entrepreneurship curriculum thanks to an innovative new scheme and the support of a local law firm.

The brainchild of award-winning enterprise educator Sue Poole, the Bumbles of Honeywood aims to develop valuable life and entrepreneurial skills of primary school children by learning about a community of enterprising cartoon bees.

“Through a series of charmingly illustrated books and a range of linked educational activities,” said Sue, “children aged five and six will learn about taking on challenges, problem-solving, teamwork and much more.”

The new scheme comes at the right time for the primary school as it looks to adapt its curriculum in favour of the Welsh Governments new “Six Areas of Learning and Experience” which is being rolled out from 2022.

Head of Morriston Primary School, Alison Thomas, said, “We are always looking for innovative and engaging ways to deliver learning and will be using the Bumbles of Honeywood package as part of our effort to develop entrepreneurial and creative skills amongst our youngest learners in the Foundation Phase.”

As schools are being encouraged to link with local businesses, its roll-out required the support of a local company, something Peter Lynn and Partners were only too happy to help with.

“I grew up in Morriston and its where we opened our first office,” said Peter Lynn, “so when we were approached by Sue to help Morriston Primary School deliver this excellent new scheme, it was an easy decision to make.”

As well as the local connection, the law firm immediately saw the broader potential of the Bumbles of Honeywood, in particular, its ability to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

“I am passionate about education and the development of students,” said Peter, “and the Bumbles of Honeywood enables the children to learn vital skills such as teamwork and communication in a fun environment.”

Deputy Headteacher, Matthew Bannister commented, “The Bumbles of Honeywood explores the mindset of enterprise and the skills associated with being entrepreneurial, these skills are now beginning to be introduced to younger pupils in schools, and the fact they are available bilingually is a real bonus.”

The Bumbles of Honeywood is provided by 2B Enterprising and has been launched at several schools across Swansea. Please contact Sue Poole at [email protected] or visit www.2benterprising.co.uk for more info.