January 6, 2024

Divorce Involving a Farming Business

Written by Catrin Stephens
Divorce and Farming

A divorce involving a farming business can give rise to a particularly complex set of circumstances.

As well as the emotional upheaval of the marriage breakdown and the resulting upset to all family members; there is the difficult question of the division of the house, land, stock and machinery.

Here are two areas where the divorce process can cause significant legal problems if not handled correctly:

Division of Assets
Many farms are inherited assets that have probably been the marital home for decades with both parties working hard towards furthering the business.

What’s more, farms are often asset rich but cash poor.
However, a sale of land can decimate the business and reduce the income still further.

Children and Inheritance
Often there are adult sons or daughters who have been working for many years for low wages in the expectation of inheriting the farm. There is usually no formal partnership agreement, which can complicate things even further.

Sometimes, the children will need to formally intervene in the divorce proceedings to establish their interest before the family farm is divided between their parents, which can cause legal problems.

These are just two common problems clients face when dealing with a divorce that involves a farming business; however, there are many more legal pitfalls to navigate.

Fortunately, at Peter Lynn and Partners Solicitors, we have one of the most experienced teams in the region with staff who have extensive experience in this type of divorce.

Catrin Stephens, a partner at the firm, has over 25 years of experience as a matrimonial lawyer and has both personal and professional connections within the farming community being a farmer’s daughter herself.

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