January 16, 2022

Grey Divorce

Written by Catrin Stephens

“Grey Divorce” refers to a demographic trend that has witnessed an increase in the split or separation of older couples who have been married for a long time.

The Divorce rate of people over 50 appears to be on the rise. 

Here are some of the factors which may explain why: 

– Empty nest syndrome – the children have grown and left home, leaving a sense of boredom and dissatisfaction in their wake.

– Growing apart -many older couples find that they or their spouse has changed over the years, and they no longer have much in common. 

– Life expectancy is much higher; better access to health care and availability of activities that keep an individual mentally and physically active may lead to a sense of dissatisfaction where the spouse does not share the same interest in keeping “young”.

– Infidelity 

– Dependency – drugs/alcohol/gambling/pornography


Splitting up on the brink of retirement can be catastrophic for your finances. Even if both parties have worked for many years, there tends to be an uneven level of wealth among them. Women, in particular, may have taken time off work for family reasons, which will impact lifetime earnings and Pension contribution.


A split later in life will still affect any adult children, and they may find themselves in a position where they feel forced to take sides. 

They may also experience problems adapting to their parent’s new dating life. They may also fear that their potential inheritance is being dissipated.


One of the most significant issues for older couples who are divorcing will be the split of the marital home. The potential of having to get a new mortgage later in life can be daunting, and also financial provision during retirement and affordability after divorce can be a big concern.  

A new single life may mean having to adjust to a different standard of living.  

Divorce and the financial division process can be complex and emotionally draining, so contact Catrin Stephens at Peter Lynn and Partners if you require assistance and advice.  

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