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Sep 23 2012

Business Tenancies

New transparent and easy to use business leases are being formulated by a number of bodies for use in the business sector and developing the 2007 code for leasing of business premises.

For full advice on business premises and business tenancies generally, please telephone Chris Tymanowski on 01792 450010.

Sep 23 2012

Health & Safety – Costs

New guidance has been set out by the Health and Safety Executive with regard to its fees for intervention covering costs of investigating, taking enforcement action and putting things right.

If you need assistance with regard to the new rules or if you have any concerns regarding Health and Safety Executive interventions, please contact Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.

Sep 21 2012

Consumer Contracts

The Law Commission are currently reviewing the transparency of terms and how they relate to The Unfair Terms and Consumer Contract Regulations 1999.

All terms in consumer contracts may be challenged for fairness unless they are clear and transparent and prominent.  For full advice on contacts and terms and conditions, please contact Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.

Sep 17 2012

Wills – Foreign Assets

Where British Nationals have assets in Spain, it is wise to have Spanish wills to avoid unnecessary costs and delay.  It is important to limit any Spanish will to those assets situated in Spain alone and it is important to ensure that they are done in conjunction with full wills properly executed in the UK.

For full advice on such matters, please contact Jonathan Cudd on 01792 450010.

Sep 7 2012

PI Road Traffic Accidents – Surprising Decisions

There have been recent Court decisions which have been somewhat surprising for example on rear end shunts. Some significant blame was found for the front driver. Similarly on overtaking – the driver being overtaken was found liable in certain cases. In another case a cyclist was held to be heavily to blame when struck by a vehicle. In all these cases, this was contrary to the normal expectations of liability.

For full personal injury liability advice, please contact Richard Howe on 01792 450010.