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May 12 2018

6 Top Tips for Trading on Your Own Terms & Conditions of Business

If you are in business, then you need to be operating on your own terms as small print or as set out in clear contracts. The following are our top six tips for such terms and conditions of business.

1. It is vital that you trade under your own bespoke terms so give some thought to the particular business and the trading terms that you require.

2. Any Terms and Conditions must be precise, lawful and highlight any key restrictions or limitations.

3. All Terms and Conditions should be properly drafted by an experienced commercial lawyer. Do not copy and paste or borrow other people’s small print, or try and dabble in this drafting exercise.

There is a very good reason that commercial lawyers are well paid. They will save you thousands in the long run!

4. Use your Terms and Conditions everywhere and ensure that clients have access to them pre-contract, on your…

May 10 2018

Peter Lynn and Partners Advises on Coyote Ugly Swansea Expansion

Coyote Ugly Saloon Bar, the global franchise owned by Coyote Ugly Saloon Worldwide, is to launch its second Welsh venue when it opens in Swansea this Summer.

Building on the success of existing venues, including the first ever UK Coyote Ugly which opened in Cardiff in 2016; the new site will be
taking over part of the former Aspers Casino on Wind Street and will create 50 new jobs.

Steve Lewis, Director of Coyote Ugly Saloon in the UK commented, “We are extremely pleased to announce our second Welsh venue, and we envisage the new Swansea venue to be the best yet…

Apr 25 2018

Commercial Premises – 6 Top Tips

There comes a time in nearly every business when you have to consider buying, selling or leasing commercial premises. The following are top tips for consideration:-

1. Calculate whether you really need to buy or rent or have a combination of both.

2. If buying, get expert commercial property advice from a proper commercial property lawyer, who is aware of full commercial enquiries, local plans to ensure there are no hinderances to trading or running a business at particular premises or land.

3. If leasing, it is vital that you not only get expert advice from lawyers and surveyors but that you…

Feb 26 2018

Peter Lynn And Partners – Preventing Legal Problems

For many people, a law-firm is seen as a resource to use when something goes wrong, and while we are certainly there to help in times of crisis, it is more beneficial (and cost-effective) to try and prevent issues arising in the first place – we specialise in “Preventing Legal Problems”.

Business partners, customers, suppliers, staff; many aspects of a business have the potential to cause significant problems if mishandled.

Far too often, businesses operate without any clear terms in place, and it is not until something goes wrong that they realise how exposed they really are.

Business partnerships formed on a…

Feb 20 2018

Law Firm Assists in Premiership Deal

Leading regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners have played a central role in a deal that sees Swansea City Football Club take full operational control of the Liberty Stadium.

Led by senior Partner and head of Commercial Services Peter Lynn with vital support from the head of Commercial Property Chris Tymanowski and head of Employment Law Stuart Atherton; the law-firm have been working closely with the club for over 18 months to get the deal over the line.

Peter Lynn commented, “We are extremely pleased with the outcome and are proud to have played such an integral part in this…

Jan 30 2018

Peter Lynn and Partners Advises on Coyote Ugly UK Expansion

Coyote Ugly Saloon Bar, the global franchise owned by Coyote Ugly Saloon Worldwide, is expanding its chain of bars across the UK as it looks to build on the success of its Cardiff operation.

Opened in December 2016, the Cardiff site was the first ‘Coyote Ugly’ in the UK and followed cities such as New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Kiev.  Steve Lewis, Owner of the franchise, said: “The Cardiff venue has done extremely well since opening and we always had the idea to open more saloons across other UK cities when the time was right, and we are pleased…

Dec 13 2017

Property Sale Completes Full Circle Service for Law Firm

The successful sale of Cube M4 Business Park, Bristol by the commercial property team of Peter Lynn and Partners marks a “full-circle” service for clients, Cathedral Properties.

Darren A. Lewis, Partner and property development and investment specialist at the law firm, structured a deal to acquire the property in January 2016 for £1.1m.  The purchase saw the client become the owner of three modern, high-quality office buildings totalling 17,236 sq.ft and not long after purchase, he had already secured the first tenant’s thanks to a proactive relationship with Savills.

Within a year, the property was at full capacity with four leases…