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Jun 20 2011

When In Business Stay In Business!

According to one of South Wales’ leading business and commercial lawyers there are 4 Critical considerations that all business owners and CEO’s should be asking themselves in these difficult and uncertain economic times; Peter Lynn speaks from personal experience, when he says:

  1. “Take a look at the financial structure of the business; ensure good working capital is in place, if necessary tied into long term loans with the lowest possible interest rates that cannot be re-negotiated upwards – and avoid overdrafts!”
  2. “Ensure that the business has multiple revenue & income streams that protect the business when certain sectors or markets are threatened and possibly underperforming”
  3. “Put in place a robust management structure that is geared up to take advantage of changing markets. Such a structure should be well versed on employment law, with secure contracts and a solid HR strategy”
  4. “ Shareholders agreements and exit strategies should be seen as a fundamental part…
Jun 9 2011


All legal work can be stressful for the Client, but conveyancing is probably the area that impinges on more people than any other. So often, it seems to take longer than it should to carry out all the work involved. In most cases, searches and the rest should be completed within a week.