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Feb 24 2012

Deadlock in Your Business?

Many businesses become deadlocked because of the nature of the shareholding and no decisions can be made thus crippling the company and exposing the creditors and employees to risk.  All shareholders should consider shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements that provide for deadlock resolution.  Various options are available.  For more information on shareholder agreements generally, please contact Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.

Feb 20 2012

Supporting Sports in the Local Community

Neath Branch - The Pony Club

Peter Lynn and Partners take pride in the fact that they contribute and sponsor a wide range of sporting clubs throughout South West Wales. One of those includes Neath Pony Club. Catrin Stephens a Family Law Solicitor based at the SA1 Head Office is actively involved in the club.

Catrin is a keen horse rider and her two children compete regularly for Neath Pony Club in the Mounted Games category. The Pony Club is an International Voluntary Youth Organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding.  It currently has 50,000 young members in the UK.

Jan 29 2012

The New Energy Act 2011

The new Energy Act 2011 received assent on 17 October 2011.  The Act contains many useful opportunities under the “green deal” strategy and in particular, refurbishment works for energy efficiency, which can be dealt with by way of a loan from energy companies, which also has major effects if you come to sell the property.  For full advice on this and property matters please contact Chris Tymanowski on 01792 450010.

Jan 23 2012

Marital & Cohabitee Disputes

Sara Plant is a Partner at Peter Lynn and Partners and is a Law Society Accredited Family Panel Member. We met with Sara and asked her what advice can be given to protect people’s assets in both marital & cohabitee disputes?

Sara said, “At Peter Lynn & Partners we can help you take control of your assets and assist you to prepare them in the event of a future separation so that if the worst happens matters can be dealt with swiftly and amicably – married or unmarried.

“We have one of the largest Matrimonial Team of Solicitors in Swansea. We…

Jan 23 2012

Separated or Divorced?

Mediation can help.  If anyone is in the unfortunate position of being in dispute with their former partner or co-habitee or spouse, they must seek early advice and information regarding possible mediation and follow the relevant protocol.  For full advice on matrimonial and partnership breakdown, please contact Sara Plant on 01792 450010

Jan 4 2012

“I Bought My House in Just 24 Hours”

Jen Finch pulled out all the stops so that a Mother and Daughter could move in to their new home before Christmas. In fact, the conveyancing took less than 24 hours. Read all the details by following this link: