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Aug 26 2012

Legal Eagles Support Ospreys Kit Launch at the Waterfront Museum

Dan Biggar

Legal eagles support Ospreys kit launch at The Waterfront Museum

Stuart Atherton, Senior Partner – Peter Lynn & Partners, Stephanie Kift-Harries, Solicitor – Peter Lynn & Partners

Ospreys launched their new kit at The Waterfront Museum in the presence of sponsors and hundreds of supporters. Peter Lynn & Partners, one of the cities leading law firms and a new 2012/13 kit sponsor were present to witness the unveiling.

Stuart Atherton, a partner at Peter Lynn said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Ospreys for the forthcoming season and it’s really exciting being here to witness the fantastic public support that Ospreys Rugby now generates. The kit looks great and we are delighted to be part of it.”

Roger Blyth, Ospreys Managing Director commented: “The launch event in front of hundreds of fans was a special occasion to kick-start the 2012/13 season. The strong Ospreys brand and Kooga’s adventurous designs make…

Aug 25 2012

Property – Balcony Overhang

If you own a property with a balcony that overhangs a public highway then there is always a problem in that the local authority own the airspace above public highway.  Whether local authorities granted statutory licence under Section 177 of the Housing Act 1980 is an issue but even if it has, it does not prevent the local authority dealing with its own airspace as it thinks fit.  This can be a particular problem for flats with an overhanging balcony or shops with an overhanging balcony.  Indemnity insurances are available, for full property advice, please contact Chris Tymanowski on…

Aug 16 2012

Conveyancing / SDLT

Any parties who have previously used the loophole of enveloping high value residential property by placing it in companies and selling the shares of the company should be aware of the new tax changes and the annual charges that will apply.  Even if it has already been carried out, significant annual charges are proposed.

For full property advice and SDLT advice, please contact Chris Tymanowski on 01792 450010.

Aug 14 2012

Employees and Service Companies

We have recently been asked to draft documents and contracts for service companies to ensure that they do not fall foul of the Inland Revenue Rules with regard PAYEE and workers.  The contract can provide the main source of protection and there are other matters that can assist.

For full advice on service companies, please contact Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.

Jul 21 2012

Partnerships with no Partnership Agreements

We are finding that there are still many partnerships operating informally without formal written agreements and are trusting to luck of the historic Partnership Act. The lack of provision for exiting partner or covering such issues as ill health, lack of performance, bankruptcy and related matters, are exposing firms and partners to extreme risk.

For full partnership advice, please contact Peter Lynn on 01792 450010.

Jul 20 2012

Shocking Increase In Discrimination Claims

According to a leading charity, discrimination claims brought by deaf people has climbed over 37.5% in the last quarter alone. We at Peter Lynn & Partners have particular sensitivity towards the needs of the deaf and have very close connections to such charities.

If any disabled person feels that they are suffering discrimination in work or in training or related services, please contact Stuart Atherton on 01792 450010.

Jul 17 2012

New Costs System for Personal Injury Claims Proposed

Solicitors for claimants in personal injury claims are very concerned about the government’s proposed new rules for personal injury. Peter Lynn & Partners are keeping a watching brief on this but hope that the government keep things simple on the question of costs. If anyone has any concerns or has suffered an accident that was not their fault, please contact Richard Howe on 01792 450010.