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A �Will� is a legal document that ensures that your wishes are carried out and that the people you love are remembered after you have gone.

For many, making a will can seem a daunting prospect but it is an important document and it is very worthwhile to write one before you die. Writing up a will is something that will help your family and loved ones deal with your affairs and comply with your wishes at what will be a very difficult time.

At Peter Lynn and Partners, our team of professional experts can help you get your affairs in order and write a will to ensure that your loved ones understand your wishes after you have gone, and the inheritance process thereafter is as straightforward as possible. Death is always a difficult time but planning ahead can ease the stress and grievance for those you leave behind, and Peter Lynn and Partners can help.

Alarmingly, an increasing number of wills are contested each year. In a recent study involving solicitors and consultant psychiatrists, it was found that will writers are often incorrectly judging an individual�s mental capacity when making a will and this can lead to a number of contested probate disputes during an already difficult time for your loved ones. It is very easy for solicitors and other will writers to miss mental disorders when taking instructions from individuals but it is important that wills are made correctly to avoid such circumstances of contest after you have passed.

At Peter Lynn and Partners we can assure you that our experienced team of will writers provides a service which makes sure that wills are created in the right circumstances, with everyone involved fully aware of how assets are being organised, and can help ensure that your �Will� will not be contested at a later date.

Furthermore, Inheritance Tax is an important consideration when making a will and our experts can assess whether you could be liable, and help you reduce or even eliminate the need to pay Inheritance Tax.

For professional legal advice and assistance in writing your will, contact the team at Peter Lynn and Partners.

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Making a Will – Legal Advice

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